Publishing Services by Jamie McGarry

As an experienced publisher and published author, Jamie is perfectly positioned to deliver the combination of quality and value that both parties deserve. He understands the writing and publishing process from the writing of the first word to the selling of the thousandth copy, and can be hired to help with any part of that journey.

If there are terms below that are new to you, see the glossary for definitions; and if you would like a personalised quote for any of these services, contact Jamie through the contact form.

  • Editing - Even the most experienced authors need an editor; an unbiased critical viewpoint on their almost-finished work. Jamie can provide services at all levels of complexity; from a brief editorial overview to word-by-word proof-reading.
  • Typesetting - Turning your manuscript into a well-organised print-ready file is both a science and an art; and yes, Jamie knows how. From dealing with 'widows and orphans' to working out the perfect space between lines, you are guaranteed a beautiful, professional interior whatever your genre.
  • Cover design - Jamie has designed more than a hundred book covers since 2008, and is renowned as one of the best designers working in independent publishing. Prices for a complete, three-sided print-ready cover start from £250.
  • Print management - Jamie can print your book too! Whether it's preparing files for print, finding the perfect supplier, or deciding what materials to use (Offset or bookwove? Gloss or matt lamination?), Jamie can help. Whatever quantity or style you're looking for, he can help you find the best quality at the best price.
  • Ebook production - Whatever files you currently have, whatever state they're in, Jamie can turn them into professional-looking EPUB (suitable for most e-reading services) and MOBI (as used on Amazon's Kindle) formats.
  • Marketing / Publicity - Jamie is also happy to advise on the best methods of promoting and selling your book. If you're interested in this service, or any of the above, start a conversation now via the contact form.

  • Editorial overview: a short document, perhaps 500 words, outlining the key areas you could improve a piece of writing.
  • Proof-reading: precision editing, making sure every comma and apostrophe is where it's supposed to be (even the one in this sentence!)
  • Manuscript: a finished draft of a book that has yet to be edited or typeset
  • Widows and orphans: lines or words that have been separated from the rest of their paragraph by a page or column break. (See wikipedia for a longer answer.)
  • Independent publishing: sometimes used as a synonym for self-publishing, but also to describe any publishing operation that is not owned by a large media conglomerate. For example, if you print out and staple a book together yourself, you can call yourself an independent publisher ... but so can Faber and Faber.
  • Offset: a standard type of paper, usually the cheapest option. Pretty much the same white stuff that goes in your printer.
  • Bookwove: a more luxurious type of paper, found in high-end publications ... though this can be cheap and nasty too, if you're not careful.
  • Gloss/matt lamination: a layer of film that goes on your book cover making it glossy and shiny, or smooth to the touch, depending on your choice.

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